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When Should You Replace Insulation in Your Baltimore Property?

north arundel contracting Replace Insulation in Your Baltimore Property

So, when should you replace insulation in your Baltimore property?

The benefits of insulation replacement depend on the insulation’s condition in your Baltimore, MD home, the climate, your property’s design, and even your budget. Call North Arundel Contracting if you have questions or would like to set up a consultation. Meanwhile, keep reading to learn when to replace insulation in your Baltimore property.

Signs Your Home Needs an Insulation Replacement

Insulation is measured by various values called the “R-value.” The greater R-value, the more you prevent energy loss. This also protects against problems linked to excess moisture. So, when should you replace insulation in your Baltimore property?

Your Energy Bills Keep Increasing Over Time

Your insulation may fail if you notice the price of your monthly energy bills increasing over time. The air conditioner has to function twice as hard to maintain the house cool in the summer heat when the insulation isn’t doing its job well. The same applies to the heater clocking in overtime to keep your home warm during winter. So, it might be time to check and replace your insulation when your bills rise.

Inconsistent Indoor Temperatures

Moreover, you should replace insulation in your Baltimore property when you constantly adjust the thermostat during the day. In some cases, the insulation might have settled or changed, and simply resetting the current insulation and adding more might solve the issue. However, a whole replacement will often be necessary.

Water Leaks & Moldy Insulation

Water leaks can be another warning sign that you should replace insulation in your Baltimore property. Search for leaks around doors, windows, or in attic spaces. When leaks happen, it is most likely that mold and mildew are developing in the damp spots in your home and impacting your insulation.

It is essential that you isolate and replace moldy insulation right away to maintain the mold from spreading. Additionally, moldy insulation is a significant problem because it is not practical. The insulation cannot complete its job of keeping your living space warm and dry when it isn’t warm and dry itself. Plus, mold can cause disease and contribute to breathing and lung issues.

If you think you may have to inspect or replace the insulation in your Baltimore home, then call North Arundel Contracting, and our team will be happy to assist you!


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