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The Benefits of Insulation Replacement

insulation replacement

Insulation replacement is important for new and old homes alike!

Insulation is one of the most important home improvement materials that there is. After all, in winter, you can keep heat inside. In the summer, you can prevent cool air from escaping. Once cool air is outside your home, it won’t do you much good. Find relief from the oncoming high temperatures of summer. Read on to learn more about the benefits of insulation replacement.

Insulation Replacement Will Save You Money

  • Foremost among other benefits, insulation replacement will save you money. Insulation replacement helps improve your home’s overall energy efficiency. Heating and cooling systems won’t have to work as hard.
  • Replacing your existing, worn-out insulation will also spare you expensive medical bills. Old insulation is a prime nesting ground for pests and rodents. Droppings and fur left behind by rodents, for instance, can breed germs and diseases that can sicken you without warning. Fresh insulation can remove the contamination problems, but not infestation problems. Even so, you will begin to feel better and you won’t have to miss out so much on life, either.
  • Save even more money by reinforcing support structures in your home. Particularly in the attic, beams and frames could be affected by rotting insulation. Professional, dedicated removal, replacement, and repair services can extend the life of your attic, and by extension, your roof.

Start by Insulating Your Attic

The attic is one of the places where insulation removal and replacement is critical. Loose-fill and batt insulation are the two most common types used in attics. Before inspecting the insulation in preparation for replacement, make sure there are no leaks. Mending these leaks is essential before any insulation work can be attempted, let alone completed.

Other Places to Consider Insulating

Attics aren’t the only places where insulation can be useful. Here are some other places around your home to consider insulating:

  • Garages, especially if they are not already heated.
  • Foundations and basements – foundations usually have insulation included in them, but not always. Insulating basements can help make them more comfortable, especially when the insulation is attached to the walls around the outside of the basement.
  • Any crawlspaces your home may have.

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