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Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning TeamOur commercial cleaning services are not your average commercial cleaning services. Our professionals have undergone rigorous background checks and required training. At North Arundel Contracting, we never subcontract our cleaning staff and as a result, we provide high-quality janitorial services for your commercial building. More recently, our commercial cleaning staff has gone through OSHA certified COVID-19 training. That includes PPE training through OSHA as well as housekeeping training through OSHA. That means, we can provide you with the proper and necessary equipment to protect your commercial business in these trying times. From electrostatic fogging — which helps rigorously clean commercial properties from COVID-19 and other types of flu and viruses. Furthermore, North Arundel Contracting also can provide more thorough cleaning in high touch areas and more frequent cleanings amind the COVID-19 pandemic. We are also uniquely able to provide hand sanitizers to other facilities — whether they are clients or looking for a one-time cleaning. Beyond hand sanitizer, we can provide commercial properties with adequate supplies of proper face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer stations, and other necessary safety equipment you may need to protect your business and customers.

Businesses We Service

When it comes to commercial cleaning, there really is no business that is too large or small for us to clean. We have clients ranging from HVAC companies and car dealerships to banks and law offices. We’ve even worked with medical offices and surgical centers throughout Central Maryland.

We Are The One-Stop-Shop

From facility maintenance — like a leak or plumbing problem to post-construction cleanups, our commercial cleaning services are always here to help. We even provide emergency cleanings like airborne pathogens. Just give us a call 24/7 and we can ease your worries and provide some peace of mind in no time.

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