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Yes, NAC works directly with all insurance carriers, when authorized by policy holder, to reconcile your claim and settle on a mutually agreed scope of work. NAC will continue to work with your carrier until job completion, as supplemental services are often required due to building codes and hidden damages.
Absolutely, NAC regularly performs emergency services after regular business hours
This depends on a variety of factors, including the insurance carrier, the size and complexity of the loss, and the weather. Once your loss has been inspected, your estimator should be able to provide you with what to expect.
No matter what the loss small or catastrophic it is recommended that you employ a qualified Restoration Contractor like NAC to handle the immediate mitigation needs to preserve your home and personal property. Once you have contacted your insurance carrier and made a claim, NAC will be your liaison between you and your insurance company and can advise you and walk you through the process within hours of your loss. We are here for you from Mitigation to settlement with your carrier until your home is restored to in most cases better than pre loss condition.
That depends on circumstances, size of loss, amount of deductible, and other determining factors. The decision whether or not to make a claim has to be made on a case by case basis.
A restoration contractor like NAC is familiar and experienced with damages from property loss. We are here to advise you as far as to what is a coverable loss and what you should expect from your carrier. NAC is familiar with specific protocols for all aspects of your loss as well as employing all of the industry standards for insurance estimating. We use Xactimate estimating software which for the last 15 years has been the industry standard, this allows NAC we streamline to process with your insurance claim.

NAC is very experienced in dealing with master policies and HO6 policies.

Master Coverages in Condominiums and commercial losses vary greatly and we work with the master carriers and property managers to cater to the various coverages.

Personal coverages (HO6 policies): These are your individual insurance policies that vary immensely depending on the options you have. These policies cover your personal items contents, betterments and upgrades you have purchased for your units, as well ALE (additional living expenses) these cover any cost incurred to move you to temporary housing or personal expenses you incur due to a loss.

NAC will work with Master insurance as well as all unit owner’s personal coverage to maintain the pre-loss condition of each individual unit.

It is likely that there are hidden damages that are only discoverable by a trained professional. Now is the time to engage a professional mitigation and restoration company. NAC is certified in Water and Mold and have the structural knowledge of building envelopes do find and resolve your issue no matter what it is.