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Preventing Mold in Your Kitchen

north arundel contracting preventing mold in your kitchen

Preventing mold in your kitchen should be simple if you are aware of the surfaces that can form mold under ideal conditions.

While bathrooms and laundry rooms are mold’s primary targets in a home, mold spores can also target your kitchen with active colonies. Especially if there is moisture. If mold develops a colony in your kitchen, the mycotoxins and spores can irritate your family or your respiratory system. Preventing mold in your kitchen should be simple if you are aware of the surfaces that can form mold under ideal conditions. These surfaces can include windowsills, walls near the sink or stove, or on top of kitchen cupboards.

What Provokes Mold to Develop in Your Kitchen?

Mold spores require moisture and warmth to become an active colony. Understanding what produces mold in the kitchen is the best way to prevent mold in your kitchen. This begins with knowing where to look for signs of mold and taking a proactive approach to preventing mold in your kitchen.

Start by routinely checking areas like:

· Windowsills

· Woodwork & trim

· Around the oven hood

· Crevices around the kitchen’s sink’s backsplash

· Other areas in the kitchen where moisture might accumulate

Minimizing Moisture in Your Kitchen

It’s essential to keep an eye on kitchen surfaces prone to lingering moisture. Also, mold and mildew prefer a dark place with sufficient moisture and nutrients. Ideally, a simple mold spore can become an active colony in 24 to 48 hours. Simultaneously, you must be proactive about keeping and making routine repairs around your home and kitchen to avoid water leaks before they begin, such as:

  • Fixing any leaking drains
  • Repairing pipe leaks
  • Wiping up the backsplash and other minor areas where water may accumulate
  • Running and flushing out your garbage disposal

In addition, consider your kitchen’s structural areas. Ensure there aren’t any possible gaps or leaks in the ductwork or the exterior vent if your oven hood vents outside. Take the time also to consider the exterior features of your home. A clogged gutter near the kitchen window, a loose shingle, or an unrepaired roof leak can allow minor amounts of rainwater in. Once the moisture arrives in the attic, that water can travel along stringers and beams to reach your kitchen.

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