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Signs Your Home Needs Insulation

Signs Your Home Needs Insulation

Many homes in the United States lack adequate insulation. Does your home show the signs?

Insulation for your house means that you won’t have to live in an icebox in winter nor a sauna in summer. Insulation, as you know, is the fluffy packing material used to stuff the walls and help regulate the home’s internal temperature. According to NAIMA, the North America Insulation Manufacturers Association, 90% of homes in the United States are not properly insulated. Is your home one of the 90% or the 10%? Find out here through learning the signs for whether your home needs insulation or not.

Cold Rooms

Is one part of the house significantly chillier than the other? Is one room far more frigid than the rest of the house? That cold side of the house indicates improper insulation. The temperature of the house should be even throughout and not have such variance.

Cold Surfaces

Check the temperature of your walls, ceilings, and floor. In colder seasons, they should feel warm and dry. If your interior walls and other surfaces feel cold or possibly damp, your insulation has a problem. 


On a smaller scale, you might feel some drafts in certain places in the house, such as near windows and doors. Insulating around these areas, perhaps with a foam spray, will significantly increase the comfort in your home’s climate.

Energy Bills

If your energy bills have greatly increased over time, or are on the higher end, the problem may likely be your insulation. The insulation in your home may have deteriorated over time or simply does not hold up to its job. 

Insects and Vermin

You may think the stray bug in your home is not all that unusual, and that everyone gets a spider in the house sometimes. However, the presence of bugs and especially mice are signs that something is definitely wrong with the defenses of your home. Zone in on the problem areas and replace any holes or missing insulation there.


Another sign your home has improper insulation is that of icicles hanging from the gutters. They may seem harmless enough, and beautiful to look at, but oversized icicles on your house are indeed signs of an insulation issue. Icicles indicate heat escaping your roof and letting snow trickle down to refreeze under the colder air at the gutters. Make sure to knock these icicles off to prevent damage to your gutters and roof and injury to those below.

Frozen Pipes

If your house has ever had a case of frozen pipes in the walls, this too can be fixed with proper insulation. Fix this problem to avoid costly repairs to burst pipes.


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