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Tips for Improving Home Insulation

Tips for Improving Home Insulation

If your home needs insulation, you can improve it yourself through several ways.

One of the most common problems with homes in the United States is a lack of insulation. The older the house, the worse the home’s insulation may be. If you suspect your home has asbestos in the insulation, you will need a professional to remove and replace it safely. Even so, there are various ways one can save on their energy bills through some simple home insulation tips.

Seal Leaky Windows

If you have a chilly home, one of the sources of the cold air may be the windows. If your windows have cracks, one can simply apply caulking to them, let it dry, and paint over if need be. Plastic sheeting with double-sided tape can also seal up your windows for the winter, although it may not look very attractive.

Buy Heavy Curtains

Another way to keep draftiness away is to hand heavy curtains over the windows. Thick, insulating fabric can block the chilly air from your home and also make your interior look fabulous. Some curtains are designed for this very purpose and come with thermal backing.

Insulate the Attic

When you begin to tackle your home insulation project, the first place to start is the attic. Heat rises, so the top of the house is the best place to insulate. One can lay rolls of insulation down on the floor, making sure to keep the vents clear so that old air and excess moisture can escape. You can also put weatherstrips around the entry into the attic to prevent heat from escaping that way too.

Maintain Your HVAC System

Ductwork carries the warm air of your home throughout the house. If the ducts are dirty or damaged, your home will lose a significant amount of heat. The result is a frigid house and high energy bills. Although it is not the same as insulation, having a routine inspection for your HVAC system can help you catch leaks in the ductwork and other HVAC unit problems sooner.

Seal Drafty Doors

Besides windows, doorways can also allow a generous supply of winter wind into your house. Rubber weatherstripping can fill in spaces between the door and door frame effectively. Installing new sweeps, using foam tape, or setting an insulating, long cushion (a door snake) at the bottom of the entryway can help out also. 


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