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Storm Damage Restoration: Top Things to Do When a Tree Falls on Your Home

north arundel contracting storm damage restoration

Consider North Arundel Contractor for your storm damage restoration needs. Call us today at 410-766-2855!

Although a storm can be exciting, it can become a disaster when something goes wrong. If that mishap happens to be a tree falling on your home, it’s best to know beforehand when the following steps are. Check out these things to do when a tree falls on your home.

Consider North Arundel Contractor for your storm damage restoration needs. Call us today at 410-766-2855!

Go to a Safe Location

You and your family must prioritize safety and leave the house immediately to find a safe place until further notice. Staying inside the car is ideal. However, if your vehicle isn’t available, stay away from bodies of water, isolated trees, and higher elevations. A ditch or depression in the ground is best when no one is. Keep the indispensable household items, such as critical documents, in a safe, ready-to-access place in an emergency.

Contact 911 and Document the Scene

Once you and your family are safe, make sure to call 911 for emergency services. They can advise you on the next steps and might send out a public utility representative or crew to ensure your home is safe to reenter and prevent or put out any fires or other damage. Moreover, the next step is the storm damage restoration process. Make sure to take detailed and extensive photos or a video of the scene. This documentation will help accurately examine the extent of the damage and where it is. Most importantly, it will help to know how much the insurer can compensate for it.

Call Your Home Insurance Company

At this point, you will want to work out the compensation with your insurance company. Fortunately, your insurer can cover more if the storm damage is an “Act of God/Act of Nature.” The homeowner will be accountable if the fallen tree is neglected and sick. However, most insurance companies might send someone to repair or board up any exposed parts of the house, such as the roof or broken windows. Also, ensure the home is adequately secured if you must spend time away from it to avoid theft.

Seek a Reputable Storm Damage Repair Contractor

Locate a reputable storm damage restoration contractor before an emergency occurs. You don’t want to choose the first contractor who comes your way simply. Beware of scams, research well, and wait to make the final payment until you are satisfied with the result. Overall, prevent a potential incident by trimming any tree branches hanging over your home.


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