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Restoration and Remodeling

Building Restoration and RemodelingServicing both residential and commercial facilities, our restoration and remodeling division provides a wide variety of services to meet your needs. When it comes to mold and water restoration, we offer leak protection, sewage backup, mitigation, program losses from outside insurance, and many more services. We are certified in removal of mold by IICRC and will respond to your inquiries 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also provide insurance settlements to ease the burden associated with an emergency like fire mitigation or mold. Our restoration staff is not worried about how big or small your issue is. We’ve dealt with some of the largest restoration job sites as well as some of the smallest ones too. From tearing down a house and rebuilding it to a total community rebuild from a Tornado, our experienced staff is not intimidated by any service you may require. We’ve dealt with a lot of different catastrophe losses including hurricane damage, ice damage, blizzard damage, wind damage, and damage from leaky pipes. No property is too small or large either. We’ve helped restore residential condos as well as entire residential developments. We work with property managers when restoring entire developments and help them restore all the properties individually from any serious catastrophe like fire. Whether it’s a homeowner or property manager we are working with — we always strive to make their job easier by providing them with the necessary restoration and remodeling services to suit their needs.

Understanding Restoration And Remodeling

Whenever disaster strikes, the last thing you want to think about is how to fix all the issues that have happened to your property — either your home or business or residential community. When your home, condo, commercial property, or personal residence has been affected by any type of emergency situation like a fire, hurricane, water damage, or any other disaster, North Arundel Contracting can definitely help you. You can trust the experience and professionalism of North Arundel Contracting to provide them with the relief they are definitely looking for. Our team of certified technicians, estimators, and project managers is here for you. We specialize in all different types of losses. Whether it’s a tiny hole in the wall or a flooded basement, we have the experienced and trained professionals who can help fix these problems.

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When it comes to your personal property, restoring it is just a phone call away. When your personal property has been devastated by a natural disaster or other emergencies, leaning on the professionals of North Arundel Contracting should ease some of the stress you are dealing with. Our qualified technicians will work with you to properly identify the restorable and non-restorable personal property. We will create a thorough inventory list of all the damaged property and the ones that could be restored. We always strive to provide all our clients with the utmost care and concern so they don’t have to worry. North Arundel Contracting provides you with the peace of mind you need in a difficult time.

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