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Oh No! My Ceiling Has Water Damage!

north arundel contracting Ceiling Has Water Damage

If you think your ceiling has water damage such as peeling or cracking, here’s what you can do.

There are several feelings worse than experiencing water damage. If you think your ceiling has water damage such as peeling or cracking, here’s what you can do. Complete these problem-solving steps for a healthy home.

Balance the Situation

The first step is to balance the area surrounding the leak. Make sure to move valuables out of the affected area and put out a bucket and tarp to capture and contain water built up behind the ceiling. Your ceiling covering is likely drywall, which will either disperse or absorb the water.

Moreover, you can control where the water comes through the ceiling if your ceiling has water damage. Complete this by making a small hole at the center of the leak using a screwdriver, similar object, or an awl so that the water will pass through that controlled opening and fall into your bucket.

Track and Repair the Source

Next, water can travel far from the original leak, and roof leaks can be challenging to isolate. There are still numerous potential sources of water in obvious, simple situations. For example, when a bathroom is directly above the stain. It can also be a loose supply line, leaking drain, or missing caulk.

You might need to cut a hole in your ceiling to check where the water is coming from if your ceiling has water damage. If you’re having trouble re-making the leak, you may attempt the old trick of laying sheets of toilet paper along pipes and ceiling joists. The toilet paper will indicate any moisture reaction, simplifying your search scope.

Thoroughly Dry the Damage

In addition, allow any affected materials to dry while thoroughly repairing the leak’s source. Focus primarily on the ceiling cavity since moisture trapped behind the drywall is prone to forming mold. Also, a minor leak might dry up on its own, but it’s better to open up a part of the ceiling and air the large leak out with the assistance of a fan.

Repair Your Ceiling

Lastly, depending on the leak, this might involve touching up with a bit of paint or replacing and repainting the whole ceiling. Keep in mind that it’s often effortless to eliminate damaged drywall back to dry material. You’ll be able to hang patches when there are exposing ceiling joints quickly. In the case of a larger leak, it’s often easier to apply new paint to a significant area or even paint the entire ceiling.


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