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What Is Carpentry Finishing?

What Is Carpentry Finishing?

As the name implies, carpentry finishing is the final step in the carpentry installation process.

As the name implies, carpentry finishing is the final step in the carpentry installation process. Carpentry finishing typically involves installing finish woods, trims, and any other steps needed to polish off the room. Finish carpenters are the experts that enter your residential or commercial building to add in accents like crown molding, baseboards, windows, stairs and additional aesthetic features. Carpentry finishing is a surprisingly intricate process that can set your building apart from the rest.

Trim Carpentry Finishing

A great deal of the work that is done involves trim carpentry. Cutting, fitting, and installing pieces of molding and fascia takes a great deal of time and attention to detail. The easiest step of the process is the installation, as you can use hand tools or power tools to speed the process up.

Adding in Windows and Doors

Another vital part of carpentry finishing is adding the trim that surrounds each door and window in your home. Once windows and doors are installed, trim is cut to match the exact specifications needed. Finally, the trim is attached around the window or door. Window and door trim might seem like an insignificant part of your home, but without them the room looks unfinished and incomplete.

Special Tasks

Carpentry finishing also involves rooms of the home besides the living room and foyer. Many carpenters also work with cabinetmaking and stair-building, two important and difficult tasks that require a good deal of expertise. Once the actual cabinets and stairs themselves are built, the finish carpenter will be responsible for properly installing and leveling them. You will never know the true value of a finish carpenter until you see cabinets that aren’t quite level.

What Do Finish Carpenters Use?

Finish carpentry involves many different hand tools and power tools. Some of the most common choices are electrical drills, circular saws, electric screw guns, table saws, routers, and power miter boxes. Since finish carpentry requires a high level of detail work, they also heavily rely on measuring tools like tape measures and rulers, in addition to levels and scribes.

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