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Avoid These Exterior Painting Mistakes

Avoid These Exterior Painting Mistakes

Whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a professional, here are some of the most common exterior painting mistakes that you should stay away from.

A fresh coat of exterior paint is a great way to refresh your home, raise the value of your property, and add some major curb appeal to your street. However, exterior painting is a lot easier than it sounds! Whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a professional, here are some of the most common exterior painting mistakes that you should stay away from.

Picking the Wrong Color for the Job

Selecting the wrong color for your exterior paint is a big mistake, as it can actually lower the value of your home. Always avoid bright colors or colors that don’t coordinate with your neighbors. Pay attention to the architectural style of your home and choose a shade that works seamlessly with the era. The only place that should have a bright or unique color is your front door, where it can be a fun accent. Some of the most popular exterior paint colors include beige, cool gray, and blue gray.

Don’t Brush Off Lead Paint

Does your exterior paint contain lead? If it does, you should take it seriously. If you don’t properly dispose of lead paint, you can suffer from personal injury, negative environmental effects, and delays in your project. Was your home built before 1978? Have your exterior paint tested for lead before you start your exterior painting project. If your exterior paint does contain lead, you will need to have a professional to help remove it.

Skipping Through Preparation

The preparation for exterior painting is often more important than the actual paint job itself. Wash your siding before you get started with a power washer or powerful garden hose. Scrape off any old paint and sand it down so that you will have a smooth surface to start with. Patch any holes in the siding and keep your eyes peeled for holes, cracks, rot, or other damage. You will need to repair these before you get started with painting.

Using the Wrong Paint

The last major mistake that many homeowners make when exterior painting is purchasing the wrong type of paint. Never cover latex paint with oil paint (or vice versa). Bring a sample of your current paint to the store to determine what type of paint can go over top. Also, never attempt to use interior paint for exterior painting, as it is not designed to stand up to the elements.

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