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Fixing Problems with Commercial Doors

Fixing Problems with Commercial Doors

Commercial doors come in all shapes and sizes, from expensive security doors to elaborate and ornamental doors that serve as art and a functional door.

Commercial doors come in all shapes and sizes, from expensive security doors to elaborate and ornamental doors that serve as art and a functional door. If your commercial doors are not working properly, your business is severely impacted. Keeping commercial doors in working order doesn’t need to be stressful or intimidating. Here are some of our best tips for fixing problems with commercial doors.


Over time, every door, whether residential or commercial, will start to warp. The area where your exterior doors are placed also plays a big role in potential door warpage. If you have an exterior door that has no awning or covering, it will be exposed to the elements frequently. Is the door a dark color? That will add to the problem even more, as now the door is absorbing the high heat of the outdoors, especially during the summer. Over time, that combination of moisture and heat will dramatically warp the exterior door of your business. Hollow metal doors and wooden doors are both susceptible to issues with warping. The best way to combat warping is by intelligently choosing the right exterior doors for your business and using materials designed to resist warping.

Too Much Traffic

If your doors are designed for beauty and not function, too much traffic could be doing a lot of damage. High levels of traffic increase the amount of wear and tear on the door itself in addition to the jamb, hinges, lock, and any other features. If you have a commercial door that serves a wide variety of clients, from kids, teenagers, adults, and more, it’s a good idea to have a door that can withstand rough usage. The younger that someone is, the rougher that they will be on a door. Places like college campuses and restaurants serving teenagers should keep this in mind.

Pivot and Hinge Problems

The pivots and hinges on your commercial door are actually designed with local rules and regulations in mind. The National Fire Protection Association sets the size, quantity, and weight for fire doors, for example. Keep in mind that following regulations and codes is mandatory, so if your commercial door is not properly designed, you might be looking at a steep fine in addition to an unsafe situation. Avoid these steep fines by making sure all of your doors are in top condition at all times.

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