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How to Remove Old Carpet Before Installing New Carpet

How to Remove Old Carpet Before Installing New Carpet

Although your old carpet is beautiful and has lasted for years, eventually it will reach the end of its lifespan.

Although your old carpet is beautiful and has lasted for years, eventually it will reach the end of its lifespan. What should you do to clear away old flooring? If you’re unsure of how to get started, follow these simple tips for removing old carpet and installing new carpet.

Clean Off the Old Carpet

Before you can do anything with new carpet or flooring, you will want to make sure that the old flooring is out of the way first. Start this part of the process by cleaning off the old carpet. Move any furniture that’s in the room into a different part of the house, but don’t leave the furniture outside, where it could get rained on If you’re preparing the carpet in only one room, you can place all of that furniture in another room. If you plan on redoing the floor throughout the entire house or a particular level, you might need to store the furniture in the garage, where it can be out of the way, but still protected from the weather.

Getting rid of old, worn-out carpet will generate a lot of dust. Once you have removed the furniture, start vacuuming to eliminate the dust that has settled on your carpet. Before leaving the room, you should also take down the doors to the room and store them elsewhere in your home, restoring them once the flooring project is complete.

Remove the Old Carpet

Before beginning this phase of the project, you may want to consult with professional contractors who can complete it more safely and efficiently. If you are replacing the hardwood flooring underneath the carpet, you should rely on expert help, as it’s not something that inexperienced DIYers can complete on a whim.

But if you do plan to remove the old carpet yourself, remember to wear long sleeves and pants. You should also use protective goggles and gloves. After all, you might accidentally hurt yourself with nails and tacks that you didn’t see, or get dust in your eyes. Keep in mind that mold and mildew might be lurking underneath your old carpeting. If that’s the case, you might want to use a breathing mask as well.

Ventilate the room by opening the windows, and take pliers to pull the carpeting up at the corners. Using a carpet knife, slice the carpet into smaller slices. There’s going to be an underlayer of foam; remove this layer along with any other nails, tacks, or staples you might see that used to hold the carpeting in place.

Prepare the Subflooring

Inspect the existing subflooring for any signs of damage, especially if it is hardwood. Any small cracks can quickly be filled in. Sanding and waxing the subflooring are other useful methods to employ here since you can ensure the subflooring will be smooth and ready to accept the new carpet you lay on top of it. Flooring primer can also be used to make sure that the new carpet and the hardwood flooring don’t come undone.

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