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The Do’s and Don’ts During a Fire Damage Smoke Cleanup

north arundel contracting during a fire damage smoke cleanup

This blog post accounts for the dos and don’ts during a fire damage smoke cleanup.

Fire damage is always a terrible experience for its victims, whether commercial or residential property. It’s always best to approach a professional fire damage restoration company for handling a serious problem such as a fire damage smoke cleanup. However, you can do a few things to accelerate the cleanup process or make it easier for professionals. On the other hand, you should remember that there are some things you shouldn’t do after fire damage to your property. This blog post accounts for the dos and don’ts during a fire damage smoke cleanup.

What You Can Do

Ensure You Turn Off Utilities

Home or commercial property owners overlook the risk of fire retriggers from any utility turned on. It can be expected during an emergency evacuation, but predict this possibility and return to inspect all the utilities. Also, make sure you shut off the water, gas, and electricity. This will make it easier for your local fire damage restoration specialists, North Arundel Contracting, to confirm and report the damage in question.

Complete a Quick Vacuum Job

Fire damage can leave ash and soot behind, which can penetrate your upholstery if you allow it to sit. This is when a quick vacuum job can be useful during a fire damage smoke cleanup. Make sure to use a vacuum to go over the upholstered furniture and cover it with a plastic sheet.

This can provide a fast and easy start for the North Arundel Contracting team!

Analyze Your Carpets, Floors, and Countertops

In addition, add the carpets, floors, and countertops to your vacuum list during a fire damage smoke cleanup. It would be ideal for tossing out your carpets if you used excessive water to put out the fire and your carpets look unrepairable.

Moreover, cleaning the floors and countertops will assist you in preventing the soot from intensely staining or sticking to the surface.

What You Can’t Do

Turning on Electrical Appliances

While utilizing a fan to remove the smoke odor or waterlogging after the fire damage, it’s not best to use the one that was in the fire damage. So, turning on the electrical appliances is a high risk since we don’t know the severity of the damage. Instead, purchase a powerful fan from your local hardware store.

Cleanup the Fire Extinguisher Powder

While you are tempted to clean up the fire extinguisher powder during a fire damage smoke cleanup, leave that job to us. The powder from a fire extinguisher has a conglomerate of chemicals that can lead to health problems when you improperly inhale or handle it.

Don’t Consume Exposed Food

Never eat food exposed to fire. Consuming contaminated food can easily cause health issues. It was definitely exposed to fire, soot, ash, and other agents used to exhaust the fire.

Overall, stick to these DIY tips. But, leave the high intensity of the fire or damage to the North Arundel Contracting specialists.


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