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Hidden Hazards of Fire and Smoke Damage

Hidden Hazards of Fire and Smoke Damage north arundel contracting

Fire and smoke damage can be incredibly damaging to your health. Call the professionals at North Arundel Contracting for help.

If you’ve lived through a devastating fire, you might be worried about how you’ll be able to afford personal property recovery and restoration services. Your finances are tighter than ever, you have to replace prized belongings, and you’ve been busy calling your home insurance company or playing phone tag with your family members to figure out your next plan of action. You might be looking for ways to save a few extra dollars without having to pay for personal property recovery services out of your own pocket, so maybe you’ve considered cleaning up your home by yourself. Think again. Fire and smoke damage can be incredibly damaging to your own health, and you need to call the professionals at North Arundel Contracting instead.

Fire and Smoke Damage Fumes Are Dangerous

When your house has suffered a fire, you should be aware that fire and smoke damage fumes are dangerous. Inhaling fire and smoke damage fumes can impact your health and have been linked to causing cancer in people. Additionally, there are combustible chemicals, waste products, and more that may have burned within your home during a fire. This burned material can let off odors (particularly plastics, carpets, and other materials commonly found in homes) that are hazardous to inhale. Fire and smoke damage is incredibly serious and should only be handled by an experienced professional.

You Can Be Exposed To Fire and Smoke Damage in Numerous Ways

Believe it or not, if a fire has occurred within your home, you can be exposed to hazardous chemicals outside of inhaling residual smoke. During the fire restoration process, you may come into contact with materials covered with smoke. This can lead to smoke exposure through your eyes, skin, and even ingestion if you aren’t careful. Smoke can ultimately enter your bloodstream and contribute to respiratory issues, bronchitis, asthma, and many other troublesome conditions.

Is It Okay to Clean Fire and Smoke Damage Myself?

No, it’s not worth the risk to clean fire and smoke damage in your house on your own. Safety risks associated with fire and smoke damage do not end just because a fire has been extinguished. The professional restoration of a home that’s experienced a fire includes adequate safety equipment that protects against cross contamination, ventilation practices, HEPA filtration, and other means that only experienced professionals have access to. Contact North Arundel Contracting for professional fire and smoke damage services today!


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