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5 Ways to Maintain Your HVAC System During Fall

north arundel contracting maintain your hvac system during fall

There are different ways to maintain your HVAC system during Fall that will set you up for a warm winter.

The air is finally feeling crisp for us here in Maryland. Despite this, there are different ways to maintain your HVAC system during Fall that will set you up for a warm winter.

Check Your Thermostat Settings

We are feeling the temperature lower considerably during the early mornings and evenings. If your home has a programmable thermostat, now is the time to check and modify your settings. One of the good things about programming your thermostat’s setting for the Fall season is that it protects your HVAC system from overdriving.

In addition, your HVAC system will be functioning harder than usual if your thermostat is programmed to maintain the house too warm. Instead, you can adjust the times you won’t be home, and times you’ll be home and manage the heating accordingly. This also ensures your HVAC system isn’t increasing your utility bills more than it needs to be.

Change Your Air Filter Semi-Annually

You should change your air filter at least twice yearly. Once in the spring before it’s time to turn on the air conditioner and once in the Fall before you start the furnace. Moreover, the air filter has two essential roles. First, the air filter prevents dust and debris from settling in your HVAC system. Secondly, the air filter will keep your home’s air clean and safe. Depending on your air filter’s strength, it can absorb pollen, dust, allergens, dander, and the kitchen smells.

When your air filter is full or too dirty, it’s unable to perform its responsibilities. A dirty air filter also makes it harder for temperature-treated air to enter your home. As a result, your HVAC system will work harder and possibly increase your monthly energy bills.

Polish All Vents and Registers

One of the significant mistakes most homeowners make is blocking their vents with décor, furniture, and carpeting. Did you know that blocking or closing your vents will cost you more over the season? Instead, maintain your HVAC system during the Fall by checking the vents and registers. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to clean them with a dusting cloth or a vacuum. Over time they can gather debris and release it into your HVAC system and throughout your house.

Seal Your Windows

Did you know that you might lose up to 30% of your warm air through a drafty window? The ideal way to maintain your HVAC system during Fall is to weatherstrip your windows. First, complete an outdoor inspection of your windows. Patch up any apparent holes. Next, wait for a windy day. When inside your home, put a piece of tissue paper on a closed window and observe if the paper flutters in the wind. If it does flutter, it’s time to seal your windows.

Clear Clutter Away from Your Condenser

An excellent way to maintain your HVAC system during Fall is to check your outdoor condenser and eliminate any debris gathering around it. The nights are becoming colder, leading to unwanted insects and making it their home.

Schedule a Tune-Up

Lastly, the most important way to maintain your HVAC system during Fall is to schedule a furnace tune-up. You should schedule once before winter and once before summer. Additionally, a furnace tune-up will ensure your furnace is ready for the upcoming seasons and repair minor problems before they become significant.


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