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What Is and Isn’t Salvageable after a Fire?

What Is and Isn’t Salvageable after a Fire?

After a house fire, you can save some items through professional restoration.

A house fire is a traumatic experience, no matter how big or small. The home and much of its contents may have sustained damage from multiple sources. There may likely be water and chemical damage from the fire engine, plus smoke and soot damage from the actual fire. The hard part of sorting through the aftermath is figuring out what items are salvageable and what ones have gone bad. While some need special consideration, some things can be saved.


One must be very careful when sorting through food. If it was exposed to the fire, soot, or smoke, you need to discard it. The high temperature of the fire can change the chemistry of the goods and turn them bad. Obviously, it is dangerous to eat anything with smoke or soot in it. If the food is in the refrigerator but the power is out, discard items if left inside there for more than four hours. For frozen food, if the freezer is well-sealed and the food remains frozen and untouched, you may be able to keep it. If in doubt, throw it out.


If you suspect that any medicine or cosmetics suffered soot, chemical, or smoke contamination, throw it out. Inspect everything to see if it is worth keeping.

Clothing and Fabrics

Clothing and other fabrics like window treatments can be difficult to restore. Like that lingering campfire smell, smoke and soot from a house fire can stay for a very long time. When exposed to high heat, the pores open and allow the microscopic soot and smoke particles to enter. Afterward, the pores close, trapping them. However, you don’t necessarily have to throw all your fabrics out. While home remedies exist for cleaning clothes, a professional company like North Arundel Contracting can restore other fabrics like upholstery and window treatments good as new. 


As mentioned above, North Arundel Contracting can restore upholstery. If you have antiques or textiles, they can salvage those as well. In case your wood furniture or other wooden items have water damage, you can dry them out and avoid warping by putting them in a ventilated area. Fans and a dehumidifier will help the process. You don’t want to put them in the sun, or the heat may damage the pieces further.

Electronics and Documents

North Arundel also has the skills to recover electronic equipment and documents fully. These expensive and precious items do not have to go to waste. They also offer emergency services and repairs for fires and flooding. Call on them for your emergency, renovation, and restoration needs.


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