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Maintain Your Glen Burnie Home Safe from Fire Damage


We want to help you maintain your Glen Burnie home safe from fire damage.

In truth, fire damage can impact any one of us at any time. We want to help you maintain your Glen Burnie home safe from fire damage. So, we will review some of the several causes of house fires and how you can be proactive in preventing them from happening.

Fire Damage Restoration Glen Burnie

Cooking is the Primary Cause of Fire Damage

The number one source of house fires is cooking. Open flames, explosive objects, and high temperatures are utilized in kitchens daily. This means that you cannot be inattentive in the kitchen. In addition, always avoid leaving cooking food unattended.

Also, do not leave your home while the appliances are still on and hot. Maintain your Glen Burnie home safe from fire damage by not placing, storing, or maintaining any combustible items near heat sources such as stove tops. Overall, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Heating Devices Can Also Lead to House Fires

Heating devices are the second cause of house fires. Portable heaters are excellent for maintaining your home warm and comfortable. But the results can be damaging when you fail to abide by the requirements for heaters. Plus, most fires develop from heaters because combustible items are located nearby the heating unit. So, make sure to read and comply with the manufacturer’s guidelines and requirements to maintain your Glen Burnie home safe from fire damage.

Remember that while most heaters run on fuel and are convenient to keep in case of power outages, they are more likely to provoke a house fire than their electrical counterparts. Additionally, electrical heaters can still trigger fire when you don’t use them properly.

Electrical Fires

Lastly, electrical fires are the third most common cause of house fires. Malfunctioning electrical cords, outlets, and faulty wiring account for numerous fires yearly. This is why it’s critical to maintain your electrical system up to code. You should also utilize surge protectors, avoid overloading an outlet and dispose of any faulty cords. North Arundel Contracting also recommends you avoid adding anything to your electrical panel without proper inspection and approval. And do not replace any light fixtures without our authorization.

Be proactive and maintain your Glen Burnie home safe from fire damage. And when you need restoration services, call North Arundel Contracting immediately!


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