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Temporary Emergency Solutions for Your Storm-Damaged Building

Storms can do incredible damage to buildings. High winds can rip shingles and siding right off of buildings. Wind and rain can knock down trees and poles that fall into or onto them. Lightning strikes can start fires that burst windows and bring down whole walls. Whatever the disaster and whatever the damage, once the storm is over, you need temporary emergency weatherproofing to secure your building. Most often, this takes the form of tarping and board-up services for both residential and commercial buildings.

Temporary Emergency Solutions for Your Storm-Damaged Building
Most often, this takes the form of tarping and board-up services for both residential and commercial buildings.

What Is It?

Tarping is when we come out and cover the exposed area, usually a damaged roof, with a tarp. This will keep the rain and other weather out to protect your building from additional water damage. Board-up refers to covering damaged openings, such as broken windows and doors, with boards to secure them against intruders and animals. Both of these measures have benefits for your building.

Minimize Additional Damage And Loss

Once there is a hole in the roof or a wall, there is a change for a lot of additional damage. Water could get in and ruin drywall and insulation, increasing repair costs. Animals could get in and destroy furniture. People could get in and vandalize your property or steal your stuff, both your items and structural elements like piping and fixtures. Covering and boarding up the holes blocks this from happening until the building can be repaired.

Support Building Integrity

Storm damage can weaken the structural integrity of your building. Covering the damaged area will prevent more damage and may help the building maintain what structural soundness it has. At the very least, this will keep your building from sustaining additional cost while you arrange repairs.

Save Money

Temporary emergency tarping and board-up will cost you money, but they often pay for themselves in what you save by preventing further damage and theft. In addition to this monetary return on investment, there is also an emotional one. Once your damaged home is secured, you’ll have peace of mind that it will be safe until someone comes out to assess and repair it. Finally, your homeowner’s policy might require it, and if you don’t get your property secured quickly, they may drop your coverage.


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