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How to Handle a Commercial Renovation Project in Centreville

Are you starting a commercial renovation in Centreville? There are many reasons you might be looking into a renovation; from upgrading to environmentally friendly and efficient amenities, modernizing the appearance, to simply upgrading after a tenant leaves. No matter what you are hoping to change up, there are several factors you should consider first.

How to Handle a Commercial Renovation Project in Centreville
Are you starting a commercial renovation in Centreville?

Consider Specifics    

One of the first steps you must take is to look at the many certificates and variables that will need to be taken into account. Property violations, certificates of occupancy, zoning laws, the state of the facilities, neighborhood factors, HOA’s and city historical laws are all factors that can dramatically affect what and how you can alter your building. In historic districts, you may find that there are limitations with what can be done to the exterior of your building and you might have height restrictions. Additionally, if you are zoned for one type of facility and want to alter that, you may find that there are hard to adjust limitations to what your building can be used for.

Finding Designers and Contractors

The next step in your project is to find the right team for the job. You will need a designer and construction contractor, but you may need additional professionals as well. Having a reputable team of plumbers, electrician, HVAC specialists and more on call can be invaluable as you begin your project. Even if you do not need their services in the end, having professionals vetted and ready in advance can help make the process much faster.

Build Your Budget

Creating a realistic, all-inclusive budget can be challenging to do when you aren’t positive of the full scope of what will be needed. This is why budgeting should be done once you’ve established your groundwork. In general, adding a 30% contingency pad will help ensure that there is room for any overflow you might have.

Start Designing & Get Your Permits

Before you begin any of your work, it’s time to start your design and then obtain your permits. These two steps should be done together as they are intertwined. Depending on how you decide to design, you may need to adjust your permits accordingly.

Starting the Work And Inspections  

With the hard parts out of the way you are now free to start on the fun part – the actual build! While you may not be too involved with this segment, it’s a good idea to perform routine inspections and stay up-to-date with the progress.


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