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Where Fires Can Start in Your Home


Where Fires Can Start in Your Home

Fires pose a huge risk to yourself and your loved ones in your home if you are not properly prepared.

Fires pose a massive risk to yourself and your loved ones in your home if you are not adequately prepared. Fires can start from several sources, including negligence, open flames, cooking, and much more. It is necessary to understand how fires start and where they can start in your home so you can prevent them from happening. Fires can start anywhere, so it is essential to educate yourself on how they begin and where they can start. Keep reading to learn how and where house fires can start and what you can do to protect yourself and your family.


Perhaps the most obvious of rooms that house fire can start in the kitchen; half of all house fires start in the kitchen, in fact, because there are so many cooking apparatuses and appliances. Luckily, the kitchen is an easy place to prevent fires because they are mostly human-made there. Be sure to keep any eye on the oven and keep combustible items away from the stove.


Many house fires start in the bedroom. About seven percent of all house fires start in the bedroom. Mattresses are extremely flammable unless they are brand new. If you have a bed that was made before 2007, it probably does not abide by the Federal Mattress Flammability Standard. Mattresses that are made after 2007 are flame resistant and held to a higher safety standard. Replace all of your old beds with new ones to keep yourself and your loved ones safe!

Laundry Room

Three percent of all house fires begin in the laundry room. The leading cause of laundry room fires is dryer lint. Be sure that you clean vents and filters regularly, as heat from the dryer can easily cause dryer lint to catch fire. It is best if you do not run the washer or dryer when you are out of the house in case something overheats, and you have an emergency on your hands.


If you have an attic in your house, it may not be easily accessible. Whether your attic is a crawl space or a walk-up, you need to hire someone to check it out if you do not feel comfortable enough to do it yourself. Make sure that wiring is kept up to code in your attic to prevent fires!.

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