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How to Improve Your Home if You’re Just Renting

For decades the American dream has been “a car in the driveway of a home to call your own,” but for many people in today’s world that not only isn’t feasible, but it also isn’t even desirable. There is a high cost to homeownership, not just financially but also emotionally, in terms of responsibility and uncertainty (from dealing with common home issues to covering the value of the new roof). And renting a house or apartment does not mean it can’t become a place that feels like your home. When you find things you want to take on as home improvement projects in a rental, you have to be careful not to void your rental agreement (and lose your security deposit). Read on for some home improvement projects to personalize the space that might still be available to you as a renter.

How to Improve Your Home if You’re Just Renting
Read on for some home improvement projects to personalize the space that might still be available to you as a renter.

Wall Design

If you are allowed to paint the walls of your house, it becomes effortless to put your stamp on each room and make it your home. However, in many rental properties, you are not allowed to paint the walls. There are renter-friendly wallpapers that can help you get around this. They come in a lot of colors, they go up quickly, and when it is time to move, they peel right off. They are an excellent option for changing up your space so that you’re not stuck with boring white walls, without making a lasting change.

Give the Illusion Of More Space

The hardest part of renting is when there is a wall in the way, and your life would be more natural if it were gone. There are optical illusions that you can use when your only option is to make it look like you have more space, not to make there be more space. The most well known is the mirror trick. This involves adding a large mirror to the room to reflect more light and make the room feel more open. It is commonly used in small restaurants, and it can work for your small rental as well.

Create Division

The opposite problem is also sometimes an issue for house renters, needing a smaller space when you can’t build a new wall. There are many stylish room dividers available in stores and online or you could even make your own if you want to get your hands dirty. They can be made in a variety of styles, designs, and sizes, and you can use them in just about every room of the house. Use them to separate a large bedroom into two private spaces, to divide the dining room from the kitchen or living room, and even to divide up a large finished or partially finished basement.


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