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How to Flood Proof a Business in Ellicott City, MD

How to Flood Proof a Business in Ellicott City, MD

Protect your business from flooding with North Arundel Contracting!

Ellicott City, Maryland, is an unincorporated community established in 1771 with plenty of historic charm. It is a popular local for eating delicious, diverse cuisine and shopping for rare finds. Unfortunately, Ellicott City is also famous for flooding, with unrecorded damages to both businesses and homes. With its Main Street located along a channel where four streams converge toward the Patapsco, which travels south, the city is at risk for occasional floods. How can businesses become more resilient? Here are several measures to flood proof a business in Ellicott City.

Work as a Community

Ellicott City has worked together with the county, state, and federal government for years trying to mitigate flood damage. In March 2020, the Maryland State approved $8.25M to fund flood prevention there. According to WBAL-TV, the flood prevention plan includes building “a tunnel, a culvert, and ponds.” No matter what community your business is in, it is necessary to talk with your business neighbors and come together to create a plan.

Have Flood Insurance

You should also obtain flood insurance for your business. Flood insurance is a separate type of insurance; other plans do not cover flood damage. If you work in a flood zone, this is a must-have, just in case another disaster sweeps through.

Make Small Changes

In the meantime, you can make small changes to your facility, such as installing outlets and electrical switches higher on the wall than would be normal. You can also install flood-friendly flooring, paint the exterior walls with waterproof exterior paint, and install flood-resistant doors and windows. In Ellicott City, you will likely want an option that maintains the historical style.

Or Large Changes

Other possible changes include elevating the building’s foundation and building a functional flood wall against possible high tides. Raising the foundation and allowing water to pass underneath it is a common practice for waterfront or oceanfront properties. Some Ellicott City property owners may consider building a higher flood wall against the Patapsco River tributary.

Maintain Drainage Systems

Another way to prevent even the smallest flood on your property is to keep your drainage systems clear. Clean your gutters and clear your drain pipes, and make sure no standing water pools around your building. If you need to flood proof your business in Ellicott City, North Arundel Contracting is here to help!


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