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Best Flooring for Basements that Might Flood

Best Flooring for Basements that Might Flood

Got a basement that might flood? Installing one of these flooring options can help.

Having a finished basement is always a plus. It’s perfect for hosting parties and guests and a great multi-purpose space overall. The most common danger with basements is flooding, which can happen for numerous reasons, such as poor landscaping or a plumbing leak. If you want to flood-proof your basement just in case, check out this list of the best flooring for basements that might flood.

Finished Concrete

The simplest way to minimize flood damage in your basement is to keep the concrete base. Instead of installing new flooring on top, you can clean and seal the concrete so water does not get into its porous membrane. Complete it with a rug or two, and you’re set.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is one of the most fashionable types of flooring for basements that might flood. You can have hundreds of colors and patterns from which to choose. Ceramic tile tends to be very cold, so radiant floor heating will make it more comfortable. Ceramic tile can also crack due to a settling concrete floor, but repairs are often minimal.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring also comes in different looks, able to appear as hardwood, tile, or stone flooring. One can install various grades of vinyl, including luxury vinyl. Vinyl flooring is highly resistant to moisture because it is entirely synthetic. Because they consist of interlocking planks or tiles, you might need to lay them out to dry in the event of a basement flood.

Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring is also high on the list of flooring for basements that might flood. Unlike concrete, ceramic, and vinyl, rubber flooring is soft! It adds a cushion to your step and makes your children’s play safer. Rubber is highly moisture-resistant and mold-resistant. One can install it in sheets or tiles. The only issues include that rubber smell and stains. Even so, rubber is one of the best options.

Preventing Basement Flooding

The main ways to prevent basement flooding are directly related to the main causes of basement flooding. One way to help is to make sure your landscaping directs water away from the foundation. Make sure that the ground is graded properly, the gutters are clear, and the downspouts direct water away. You can also install a sump pump in your basement, a device that pumps floodwater into the floor and out elsewhere. If flooding ever does occur, call North Arundel Contracting!


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