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Protect Your Business from Flooding

Protect Your Business from Flooding

Keep your business safe from the common issue of flooding with these steps.

One of the worst types of emergencies that could happen to your business is flooding. Flooding can pose a serious hazard to both you and your valuable items. Of course, it would mean temporarily closing down shop also. What should you do in the case of a flood? If your business is located in a flooding zone, there are several means to protect your business from flooding.

Have an Emergency Plan

If you know that your business sits in a flood zone and even has a history of flooding, it is crucial to have an emergency plan set in case one should happen. Know what valuables need to be kept above the flood line and who to call in case of a disaster. Have an emergency escape route out of the building. Never let standing water stay on your property. Have the phone number of a professional restoration company near you on hand that you can call anytime.

Have Flood Insurance

Another safeguard is purchasing flood insurance. Even if you do not live in a flood hazard area, it is safer to consider having it than not. One of the nation’s most common types of disasters, the cost of its damages should not go underestimated. If you do not have flood insurance, talk to a reputable insurance advisor to see which way to go.

Protect Your Building for the Future

There are also many ways you can protect your building in case a flood transpires. For example, you can reinstall your electrical outlets higher up, out of reach of the waters. Invest in a sump pump to keep the sloshing to a minimum. Place flood-proof barriers over the bottom parts of windows and doors, at least three feet above your local base flood elevation. Even planting native species around your entrance can encourage better drainage in your area.

Keep Safe

In the case that a flood does happen, make sure that safety is your number one priority. Turn off the electrical power to your building and do not handle electrical equipment when in contact with wet surfaces. If the water damage is from a burst pipe rather than the forces of nature, locate the water valve to your building and shut it off. 


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