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Should You Clean or Replace Your Carpet?

Should You Clean or Replace Your Carpet?

Should you clean or replace your carpet? Find out the signs for each here.

Whether it’s a carpet in your home or your commercial property, there comes a time when it either needs cleaning or replacing. Replacing might be an easy option, but it is also more expensive. Knowing the difference between when you should clean or replace or carpet can give you major savings in the long run. Here are the signs below!

Signs to Clean Your Carpet

It’s Dirty

This reason might be straightforward enough, but sometimes it can seem like a carpet is too far gone to be worth cleaning. Nevertheless, you might be surprised what a professional cleaning can do. Moreover, if you have not cleaned your carpet in over a year, a professional carpet cleaning may be due.

You’re Allergic to It

Allergies aren’t fun, and neither you nor your tenant should have to put up with flooring that makes them sneeze. Allergens in the carpet can easily be removed by a professional cleaning service. 

It Has Stains

Stains are a common mark of age on carpets in apartments, homes, and offices. Just because you have an unsightly stain on the carpet doesn’t mean you have to throw it out, however. Once again, a professional cleaning can renew your pride in your home or office and make tenants feel comfortable and welcome.

Signs to Replace Your Carpet

It Has Permanent Stains

Sometimes, dirt can get so ingrained in a carpet that even a professional wash cannot get it out. If the stain is too unsightly to bear, it might be time to replace your carpet. If not treated properly, these stains could even cause mold growth or some other biological hazard.

Heavy Wear and Tear

It is possible to patch and sew up tears in carpets, but eventually, the wear and tear will become very noticeable. If your carpet is scratched up, worn down, tufts pulled out, discolored, and torn, hiding it under additional rugs and furniture won’t be worth it.

Worn Out Carpet Pad

The carpet pad gives the carpet its support. After about 15 years, it is most likely not the same as it once was. Carpet pads can deteriorate over time, and this is not something you can repair. In this case, you should definitely replace your carpet.


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