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Popular Exterior Paint Colors 2021

Popular Exterior Paint Colors 2021

North Arundel Contracting can paint your house whatever color you prefer!

If you are interested in painting your house a fresh new color, now is a great time to do it, especially if you are reading this during a cool, temperate day with low humidity and clear skies in the forecast. Painting a house can change the look and feel of your home and neighborhood, so it is important to consider all your options. Which of these popular exterior paint colors of 2021 might look best on your home?


Painting your house entirely black might be a trend that you don’t see everyday, but it is a trend that adds drama and class to your house indeed. Black can help your house stand out among others or blend in nicely with the landscape. 


Grays count as popular exterior paint colors for 2021. Gray is a neutral color that can be warm or cool and is generally safe for any house exterior. Light gray, medium gray, and charcoal are all attractive shades that can pair well with a pop of color.

Whites & Creams

White houses are always classic. White and black exteriors are popular in particular. Even so, you are more likely to see warm whites and creams on newly-painted 2021 homes. These whites are softer than a stark bright white and can have a more relaxed feel.


You can’t go wrong with beige. Various shades of beige have been the rage for at least a couple of decades. Their neutral tone is inoffensive and yet adds some warmth and color to a house. It also pairs well with white or black trim. You are more likely to see it paired with a pop of red or green as well.


As one can tell, neutral colors are popular exterior paint colors in 2021. Colors that help a home fit in with the natural surroundings work best. One can’t get more organic than green. Grayish greens, forest greens, pale greens, and other shades all fit in with the 2021 palette.


If you have seen a newly built or painted home in Maryland, it’s likely that you have seen one in navy or a grayish-blue. Dark blues are the colored version of gray for houses, and the composition is complete with white trim and a red door.

If you are ready to paint your home this season, contact North Arundel Contracting!


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