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Why the Power Goes Out in Summer

Why the Power Goes Out in Summer

Why does the power tend to go out in summer? Find out here!

You might have noticed that the power goes out more often in summer than in any other season. If you’ve noticed this, you are correct! If you are wondering why the power goes out in summer and what to do about it, then you have come to the right place! 

Why the Power Goes Out in Summer

The reason that the power goes out in summer more often than not is due to increased power use in this season. In the summer, the temperature goes up. Heatwaves and thunderstorms abound. With the hot and humid Maryland summer, everyone is turning up their air conditioners and dehumidifiers, and with everyone’s home appliances running and electronics at work, power lines have a harder time keeping up. 

Everyone’s electricity comes through the power grid, which is made up of many wires. When the weather gets hot, the wires’ capacity goes down. Sometimes, the metal conductor will expand in the heat, causing the lines to droop and possibly touch some foliage. If the line shorts circuits, the other lines in the grid will need to carry more power.

In general, the hot weather combined with the rise in electric powering in homes causes a short circuit. Along with a loss of power, the lines also lose their reactive and magnetic power, which helps to stabilize the voltage.

What You Can Do About It

When the power goes out in summer, there are several steps you can take to preserve your cool home and its contents. First, do not open the refrigerator unless you absolutely must. Keep in mind that a full freezer and refrigerator keep foods longer than when the compartment is half-full. If you need to open it, know exactly what you are getting out first.

In addition, do not open the windows or doors. Stay indoors, and draw the curtains or shades over the windows to prevent the sun from heating your home. Take cold showers and let your hair air-dry. Remember to back up your computer files.

Lastly, you can install a power surge protector for individual home appliances or a whole-house power surge protection system. This protection will create a buffer between a power surge and your appliances when the power comes back on, preserving your appliances’ lifespans.


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