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Top Home Humidity Control Tips

Top Home Humidity Control Tips

Need a way to control your home’s humidity levels this summer? Here are several!

Humidity is not something that many Marylanders enjoy. Throughout the year, Maryland can experience wet and humid conditions that leave one wishing to get indoors. Unfortunately, controlling humidity indoors can also be an issue. Below are several home humidity control tips you won’t want to overlook.

Home Humidity

Humidity accounts for the percentage of water molecules in the air. High humidity decreases a person’s ability to cool off naturally, but low humidity could cause dehydration. As one can see, humidity can be both good and bad. Therefore, home humidity control involves getting that ideal percentage for healthy air. Too much or too little could cause both people and the building to suffer.

Home Humidity Control Tips

Upgrade Doors, Windows, and Insulation

One essential tip for home humidity control is to insulate the outside environment from the inside while still allowing for proper ventilation. If your doors and windows are old and leaky, upgrading them can significantly improve temperature and humidity control in the house. Replacing withered home insulation can also do the trick.

Care for Your HVAC Unit

Your HVAC system controls the air quality in your home, partially regulating your home humidity. When the air conditioner takes out old air, it filters out the moisture and drains it out. Unfortunately, too much moisture in the air can actually damage the air conditioner. 

One tip is to set the AC on “automatic” and not “fan” to prevent spreading moisture throughout the house. The fan will just blow the humid air, but the automatic setting will take it away.

Limit Cooking and Washing

In everyday life, one can limit one’s cooking and washing inside the house. Steam from the frying pan or the shower can quickly build up humidity. Therefore, cooking on the grill, making cold meals, and air-drying your clothes outside can all reduce moisture levels.

Limit House Plants

A pressing question today is whether or not house plants increase home humidity. Yes, they do! However, some also help purify the air. Because around 40% home humidity is acceptable, having houseplants is not a problem. If you want to lower it, however, you might want to limit your number of plants.

Use a Dehumidifier

The most direct approach for home humidity control is the dehumidifier. A dehumidifier can be permanent or portable; regardless, one can help unload buckets of water from your home’s air every day.


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