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Leaking Window Causes and Repair

Leaking Window Causes and Repair

North Arundel Contracting can help you fix everything from leaking windows to water damage.

Home improvements never cease, but some construction issues are more worrisome than others. Not necessarily hazardous, yet significantly bothersome, is a leaking window. Whenever it rains, you might notice large droplets soaking your window sill. Otherwise, you might see significant condensation clouding the panes. Before fixing the problem, one must diagnose the cause. Below are several common leaking window causes and how to repair them.

Leaking Window Causes

Old Caulking

If your home is particularly old, the windows will be one part of the building to show age the most. If your window is leaking at any point around the frame, it could be that the caulking is cracked and deteriorated. Replacing the caulking or the windows themselves should fix the issue.

Old Glass Seal

Some windows have double-paned glass with gas inside to provide insulation. If there is a leak in the glass seal, rain could come in between the panes while the gas seeps out. In this case, your home will not have that additional insulation anymore, but won’t necessarily have water damage to the home. Even so, North Arundel Contracting is here to help in Maryland.

High Humidity

This leaking window cause actually is not a cause at all, although it might look like one. A window might fog up with condensation in between the panes, but that does not mean the window has a leak. Actually, it just indicates that the humidity inside the home is too high, or that the window doesn’t have enough insulation. Run the air conditioning or a dehumidifier to reduce home humidity.

Housewrap or Flashing

Homes might have leaky windows if they’re old, but what if it’s a relatively new window? If the window is leaking from the top, that means that there is a problem with the housewrap or flashing. If it is either of these components, someone will need to reinstall it. 

Sill Pan or Drainage

If the window is leaking from the bottom, it could mean one of two scenarios. First, it could mean that the sill pan is horizontal or tilted toward the house, letting water leak in. A professional will need to reinstall it so it lets water drain outward. Second, it could mean that the vinyl or metal frame’s drain holes are clogged, which only requires simple cleaning to fix.

Leaking Window Repair in Maryland

If you need leaking window repair in Maryland, North Arundel Contracting is here for you. North Arundel offers extensive commercial and residential services for property restoration, general contracting, commercial cleaning, and emergency services. Contact them today!


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