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Residential Electrical Wiring Problems

Residential Electrical Wiring Problems

Is your home’s electrical wiring safe? You’ll know by these signs.

These days, we use electricity far more than we might have several decades ago. With smart technology, holiday decorations, and even common appliances, our houses have a substantial job to do to supply us the electricity we need. Over time, though, electrical wiring will wear and need replacing. As a homeowner, it is critical to know the signs of residential electrical wiring problems.

1. Popping and Cracking

If you hear popping, sizzling, or cracking when you plug something into an outlet, don’t think the Kellogg’s elves are in your circuit. Turn off and unplug your device or appliance, turn off the electricity in that region, and call a certified electrician as soon as possible.

2. Smoking

Likewise, if your outlet is smoking, your house is in danger of a fire. Shut off the electricity in that area and the main circuit breaker if you do not know from where the smoke is coming. Call an electrician at once.

3. Stained Outlets

If your outlet covers have stains on them, this means that hazardous friction is occurring whenever the outlet is in use. Even if there are no stains, outlets should be cool to the touch. Warm or hot outlets mean friction is building inside it that shouldn’t.

4. Tripping Circuit Breakers

Meanwhile, your house may not necessarily need new wiring, but it may need a checkup and some extra outlets to accommodate your electrical needs. If your circuit breakers are tripping on an all-too-regular basis, you can call an electrician to evaluate your system and improve it to keep it from overloading anymore.

5. Dimming Lights

Likewise, if you plug in your vacuum and the lights go dim until you turn it back off, you are in need of more electrical power. Ideally, your lighting and appliances should not have to lack when you need extra electricity. It is a sign of an overloaded system that a professional should inspect and adjust. 

6. Frayed Wires

Frayed wires are no joke. Wires can fray over time from age and are a serious concern for fire. While wrapping it in electrical tape may be one solution, it is only temporary. Get rid of frayed wires and have an electrician install fresh ones.

7. Rodents

If you have frayed cords, you may also have rodents, and vice versa. Rodents, like other animals, like to chew on electrical wiring. If you spot a rodent in your home, you may want an electrician to inspect the wires to ensure they are intact.

8. Over 30 Years Old

If you have none of these electrical wiring problems, consider this last sign. Is your home over 30 years old? If your home was built in the 60s or 70s, the wiring would likely have worn down at some level. If your house has not had a wiring update in a long while, it never hurts to get it checked


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