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Why Is My House So Dusty?

Why Is My House So Dusty?

Does it seem like your home is always dusty? It could be for one of these reasons.

After spending much time indoors during the fall and winter, one might begin to notice different things about the house that one might overlook during a busier season. Alternatively, if you are a fastidious cleaner, you might also notice the same thing. It’s dust. No matter how often you clean, dust just keeps coming back. Is there something wrong with your home or your methods? Don’t worry; you’re in good company. Here are several reasons why your home might be dusty.

Cheap or Dirty Air Filter

The HVAC is the main machine that blows air throughout your home, cool air in summer and warm air in winter. Its air filter is meant to trap dust in its tracks and keep it from circulating throughout your house. If the air filter is dirty, the furnace will have to work harder to circulate air and possibly blow more dust around. If it is cheap or has a low rating, it might not catch as much dust as you’d like.

Leaky HVAC Duct

Another HVAC-related cause of a dusty house is a leaky duct. Should there be a breach between any of the ducts circulating air throughout the house, it could suck dust into and through it. Call an HVAC professional at North Arundel Contracting to help you confirm if this is an issue.

Leaky Windows and Doors

Dust consists of human skin and hair cells, pollen, dirt, and possibly pet dander. Your home could be more dusty due to the outdoors coming into your rooms via leaky windows or doors. A quick fix would be to install weatherstripping or caulk around the open edges of the frame. If your windows and doors are particularly old, though, it may be time to replace them.

Outdoor Shoes

Because dust also consists of dirt and pollen, any element that brings those materials into the home could be a problem. If you wear your outdoor shoes all throughout your house, you could be adding to the dust count. Keeping outdoor shoes by the door could reduce the dustiness.


If it isn’t a smooth laminate, tile, or hardwood floor, it’s likely to trap more dust than you’d bargained to keep around the house. Carpeting, especially shaggy carpets or rugs, are huge dust collectors. They are also more prone to trapping moisture. One should always keep the home humidity level stable and vacuum regularly.


Curtains are another fabric that trap dust easily. While it might be a hassle to take down and put up your curtains routinely, giving them a wash once in a while will be worth it, positively promoting a clean house.


Pets also contribute to your home’s dust level. Just as we wash and groom ourselves, one should remember to brush, bathe, and groom their pets routinely to reduce the hairs and flakes that get loose.


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