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Top Signs You Need New Windows

Top Signs You Need New Windows

If you see these signs, let North Arundel Contracting help you with your home improvement needs!

Windows bring in sunlight while keeping the elements out of the home. An excellent window makes a highly significant difference to the soundness of your home. One typically needs to replace them after around 20 years, but sometimes it may seem they are still fine. How do you know you need new windows? Check out these tell-tale signs.

There’s a Draft

One of the greatest discomforts an old window can bring is a draft. In some cases, this defect may be apparent. The window may not close snugly or show cracks to the outside in the framing. The room may also be notably cold in the winter and hot in the summer. If you are not sure whether it is drafty or not, do the candle test. Move a lit candle slowly around the window frame. If the flame leans sharply, it has picked up a draft.

They Can’t Open

Another sign that it is time for a window replacement is if you have trouble opening and closing it. Difficult handling means that the wooden frame is swollen. Windows in decent condition should never be hard work to use.

You Hear Outdoor Noises

Snug, energy-efficient windows block out more than the weather; they also block out sound. If you notice that the outside noises become louder than usual, your windows are likely the reason.

A Deteriorated Frame

When the window frame gets damaged, the best option is to replace the window entirely. Signs of damage to the frame include cracks, softness, and warping. Condensation on the window panes could also be due to poor framework, as well as leakage. If your window is leaking, treat it as an emergency lest the water seeps into the house’s structure and grows mold. Additionally, a deteriorated frame could produce a rattling noise.

High Energy Bills

Leaky, difficult windows make rooms uncomfortable year-round, but they also induce high energy bills. Warm air and cool air alike escape from the house; you may be unknowingly throwing your money “out the window!” Sealing the windows can give you a temporary fix. Ultimately, though, installing new windows will make a world of difference and save on cost in the long-run. 


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