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How to Fix Various Problems with Residential Doors

residential doors

Whether it’s a front door, or interior doors, here is how you fix various problems with residential doors!

Here at North Arundel Contracting, we strive to be your one-stop-shop for any and all home emergencies. But when doors break or develop problems, some initial fixes can help save you time and money later on. Until the professionals can arrive and recommend more thorough repairs or even replacements, here’s what you can do to fix various problems with residential doors.

Fixing Residential Doors That Bind

Residential doors can bind to the jambs around them. Luckily, it’s a simple fix to get them to come apart. Start by getting a thin strip of wood or cardboard. Slip it into where the door meets the jambs. Next, grab a pencil and mark the spots where the door and the jambs come together. If you notice clumps of paint, that could be the reason the doors bind. A sharp chisel can cut away this paint. With sandpaper, smooth down the surface and apply some paraffin to the edges and jambs you just worked on.

If this solution doesn’t work out, adjust the hinges instead. Clean the hinges and replace any screws that might need it.

Planing Residential Doors

The next process is how to plane a residential door. First, mark down the area with a pencil. For best results, you should be able to fit a common dime in the space between the door and its jambs. Use a tool known as jack plane to cut along the edge of the door. Just be sure to not damage the stile for the door’s lock. If you do this, the door may no longer lock properly. Remember to not shave too much away. Again, coat the edges and jambs with paraffin before moving on.

Fixing Loose Residential Doors

The third process is how to fix loose residential doors. Eventually, the doors will slide off their hinges or rails. A loose door is usually the opposite of a door that binds. It may time to tighten the doorstop or the strike plate. Take the strike plate off the door and use pliers to tighten the flange inside it. While this technique works for interior doors, exterior doors are a bit different. Try using weatherstripping around the edges of exterior residential doors. As an added bonus, weatherstripping will provide more insulation coverage for your home.

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