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What to Do About Frozen Gutters

What to Do About Frozen Gutters

Beware of frozen gutters with these helpful insights.

In the wintertime, one never knows how much snow might come. Regardless of snow, Maryland’s winters often fall below freezing at some point. Even though the temperatures often fluctuate, a cold spell could leave your home with a major problem: frozen gutters. An ice log in your gutter system could spell disaster. Here’s what you need to know to prevent a disaster this year.

The Dangers of Frozen Gutters

The dangers of frozen gutters are not something you want to learn the hard way. The ice could damage the gutters themselves, the eaves, or even the area surrounding them. The inability for water to drain away from the house can cause significant structural damage and even water damage to the home’s interior. Should your ceiling begin to show water stains, call North Arundel Contracting at once!

Why Gutters Freeze

Gutters usually freeze due to one of two reasons. First, the gutters could be blocked by debris. If your property has many large trees around it, you’ll be more likely to have dead leaves and seedlings crowding into the gutters. Not cleaning these out can allow water to stagnate in place and freeze over during winter.

Another reason gutters might freeze is poor weather conditions. After a snow or sleet storm, the water or ice could remain and freeze into one long block given temperatures remain below freezing. 

Ways to Melt Ice in Your Gutters

Should this ever happen to you, there are a few ways to ease the freeze. If the gutter is not totally frozen solid, one could lay salt directly on top of the ice. Another method is to put the ice into a pantyhose and then lay it overtop of the ice. The idea is to melt the ice without hurting the gutter, but the melting process might take longer. If your gutters are solid with ice, one surefire way to melt it down is to pour boiling water over it. 

Prevention Methods

The two main ways to prevent gutters from freezing over are simple. In the fall, there are likely several items on your fall cleanup to-do list. Cleaning out the gutters is one of those tasks. You may need to check them in the spring as well, so seedlings don’t start sprouting up there. Alternatively, you could also install a gutter guard. Installing one of high quality can leave you with less to do and worry about. 


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