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Why an Electrician Is Better Than DIY

Why an Electrician Is Better Than DIY

When fixing electrical work, always call a reputable electrician.

How hard is it really to fix a broken outlet or install your ceiling fan? Every profession takes years to become proficient in it. When it comes to electrical work, one may believe that it cannot be any harder than any other type of DIY project. However handy someone might be, it is always best to hire a professional electrician to do the work. These are the five reasons why an electrician is better than DIY.


Working with electricity means running the risk of electrocution or a house fire. A high percentage of house fires that occur each year in the United States are due to faulty electrical wires; it is vital that a trained expert handle this component of the house for your safety and your home’s safety.

Expert Work

Just as someone can tell the difference between a beginner piano player and a prodigy, so an electrician can tell if electrical work is done by a professional. An electrician can tell right away how a job was done; therefore, even if you are able to do it yourself, it will likely not have the same touch that someone with years of training can give it. Installers do vary, however, so be sure to research credentials before hiring any electrician out there.

The Big Picture

An electrician is better than DIY also because of the knowledge one has. He can see issues that the average homeowner often cannot detect. The problem may be at face-value, or it may be hinted at. An expert understands the big picture, knows the common problems across the region, and can accurately evaluate and fix your home’s electrical system. 


People often go DIY for the cost savings, but it will actually save you in the long-run if you pay a professional to do this particular job. The system may not function as smoothly as professional work might, resulting in frustration and a call to the electrician anyway. If a house fire breaks out, insurance may not cover uninsured electrical work.

Peace of Mind

When it comes to electricity in your home, you want to have a top-notch system. However, even a seemingly simple job deals with the dangers of electricity. Hiring a reputable electrician is better than DIY because homeowners have the guarantee of a job done right the first time. For peace of mind with your home’s electricity, contact North Arundel Contracting for your electrical needs! 


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