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Common Area Cleaning in Glen Burnie, MD

Common Area Cleaning in Glen Burnie, MD

Clean your office common area and other spaces with the help of North Arundel Contracting.

We live in exciting times, as the state of Maryland moves forward with reopening non-essential businesses. Companies with office buildings are readying their spaces for their employees’ return, which means a thorough cleaning. Some businesses have not had the suite or building cleaned since the lockdown, and business owners are rallying for expert cleaners to come to their aid. One of the highest areas of concern is the common area. If you have an office in Glen Burnie, Maryland, North Arundel Contracting is here for you.

Protection Against Coronavirus

The cleaning guidelines for the coronavirus remain more or less the same as weeks ago. The EPA has approved hundreds of products that are strong enough to defeat viruses. The best method is to clean first with soap and water and then disinfect with the special chemicals. Walls, ceilings, floors, sinks, counters, tables, and other surfaces all need treatment. A cleaning team should pay special attention to frequently-touched surfaces like doorknobs, keyboards, faucets, light switches, etc. The thorough cleaning and disinfecting will give your office building a fresh start, both physically and mentally. 

Protection for Overall Health

Giving your office a deep clean before reopening has more advantages than just airing the place out after months of no maintenance. It also can boost employees’ mood and productivity. Human beings, no matter how messy they naturally are, thrive in clean and orderly spaces. Attention improves, morale rises, and better work gets done. 

Common Area Cleanliness

One of the areas that needs the most attention is the common area. This could be a lounge, conference room, or kitchen. Tips for common area cleanliness involve a systematic strategy; a team ought to take care of it in a similar way as they would in any other time. All furniture should be moved out of the way so that every nook and cranny is reached. Each surface may require different cleaning solutions; for example, one might use a different chemical for wood as opposed to fabric. Each establishment is unique, however, so an expert team should evaluate how to execute the project.

Why Hire North Arundel Contracting?

Since 1983, North Arundel Contracting has been a growing family-owned and operated, full-service contracting company in Glen Burnie, Maryland. They have a reputation for excellence in their work. Janitorial and commercial cleaning services are a large part of what they do, and they are more than happy to help companies out as they reopen and get back to business. 


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