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What To Do If Your Glen Burnie Home Has Frozen Pipes

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This article details how to repair frozen pipes in your Glen Burnie house.

Repairing frozen pipes is vital, especially when it gets cold outside. This is because frozen pipes present significant problems for your home in Glen Burnie, MD. They are inoperable and may burst and bring more trouble with the bursting. This article details how to repair frozen pipes in your house.

Prevention Tips

Remember that frozen pipes might block up and cause further problems in the piping system. So, preventing frozen pipes is just as crucial as repairing frozen ones. The following tips include:

  • Open up cabinet doors around sinks and storage areas.
  • Ambient heat from a room will be able to reach the pipes. So, uninsulated pipes particularly need this method.
  • Allow hot and cold water to trickle overnight. However, do not run your water into a drain exposed to the extreme cold. As a result, your efforts will come to nothing if they freeze.
  • Insulation is vital, so insulate anywhere that doesn’t already have insulation. In addition, exposed areas could be crawlspaces, walls, or garages.
  • Turn on the building heat and set it to no more than 55 degrees.

Remedies for Frozen Pipes

If your Glen Burnie home does have frozen pipes, know that all is not lost. Please complete the following steps to help remedy the situation:

  • Ensure the pipes running into the building are balanced, and turn off the water main. Reducing the pressure will also minimize flooding if the pipes do burst.
  • Using a hair dryer to thaw ice blockages might seem unusual, but it works. Only do this if the frozen pipes are easily visible and accessible. Avoid using an open flame of any kind on the frozen pipes!
  • Overall, it’s time to call the North Arundel Contracting professionals at Glen Burnie, Maryland, if the frozen pipes are not easily visible or accessible. If you know ahead of time that your pipes could freeze, have professional services on standby! By doing this, you can avoid any potential damage altogether. Call us today at 410-766-2855!

Ultimately, winter brings lots of work and possible hardship for some homeowners, but nothing triggers quite as much stress as pipes. Follow these tips to prevent frozen pipes that could cause significant problems this winter, and you should be good to go!


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