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How to Fix Frozen Pipes

fixing frozen pipes

Fixing frozen pipes is a big deal, or else pipes might burst.

Fixing frozen pipes is important. Especially when it gets cold outside, frozen pipes present massive problems. Frozen pipes are inoperable, and can possibly burst and bring further trouble with the bursting. In this blog, we’ll detail how to fix frozen pipes.

Fixing Frozen Pipes

Remember, frozen pipes can block up. Pipe blockages will cause further problems elsewhere in the piping system. Here are some tips for dealing with frozen pipes:

Prevention Tips: Preventing frozen pipes is just as important as fixing frozen ones. These tips include:

  • Open up cabinet doors around sinks and other storage areas.
  • Ambient heat from the room will be able to reach the pipes this way. Uninsulated pipes are in particular need of this method.
  • Let both hot and cold water to trickle overnight. But also take care to not run your water into a drain exposed to the extreme cold. If that freezes, your efforts will come to nothing.
  • Insulation is key. Insulate anywhere that isn’t already insulated. Exposed areas could be walls or garages, or crawlspaces.
  • Have the heat in the building turned on. The minimum temperature inside should be 55 degrees.

What to Do If You Have Frozen Pipes

If you do have frozen pipes, all is not lost. You can take these following steps to help remedy the situation:


  • Shut off the water main: Make sure the pipes running into the building aren’t overstressed. Minimizing the pressure will also minimize flooding if the pipes do in fact burst.
  • Thaw ice blockages: Using a hair dryer at this stage may seem unusual, but it works. Do this if the frozen pipe in question is easily visible and accessible. Don’t use an open flame of any kind on the frozen pipe!
  • Call the professionals: If the frozen pipe isn’t easily visible or accessible, it’s time to call the professionals. If you know ahead of time that your pipes could freeze, have professional services on standby. By doing this, you could avoid any possible damage altogether.



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