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Pointers on Avoiding Frozen Pipes in the Wintertime

north arundel contracting avoid frozen pipes in the wintertime

We share some pointers on how you can avoid frozen pipes in the wintertime.

Frozen pipes in the wintertime can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be. North Arundel Contracting in Glen Burnie, MD, provides emergency services to homeowners experiencing frozen pipes in the winter. We are devoted to every project we take on and are highly experienced in managing frozen pipes this winter. We share some pointers on how you can avoid frozen pipes in the wintertime.

Make Sure Your House’s Temperature is Regulated

You must ensure your home remains at a regulated temperature above 65 degrees to avoid frozen pipes in the wintertime. It might seem tempting to shut off your heat all winter long to save money on energy bills, but doing so can harm your house and provoke irreparable damage.

If you have pipes that run above drop ceilings or inside cabinets, let warm room air circulate the pipes as much as possible. Remember to remove hazardous items from the cabinets for the safety of others. Even on vacation, you can help prevent your pipes from freezing by setting a steady temperature above 65 degrees.

Insulate Pipes in Unheated Areas

Do you know if you have pipes in unheated areas? If so, you must keep them adequately insulated to safeguard them. Also, you can wrap these pipes in insulation purchased from a home improvement store to help protect them during the snowy months. In addition, the insulation can act as a protective barrier from the colder weather, especially outdoors. You may also want to consider additional sources of insulation to avoid frozen pipes in the wintertime.

Store Outside Hoses to Avoid Frozen Pipes

The most common place for a frozen pipe is usually on your home’s exterior. External sources of water, such as an outdoor faucet linked to a hose, are more susceptible to freezing due to severe temperature shifts that occur in the winter. By storing outside hoses and closing your water valve outside, you can protect your home from frozen pipes this wintertime. Otherwise, contact North Arundel Contracting for our emergency services to solve your frozen pipes situation.


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