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Water Damage Cleanup in Glen Burnie


north arundel contracting water damage cleanup glen burnie

Nobody wants to experience a water damage cleanup in their Glen Burnie property.

Nobody wants to have water damage in their Glen Burnie property. What can you expect when you must deal with water damage cleanup? Water damage cleanup is North Arundel Contracting’s area of expertise, and our team wants to help enhance your understanding of what to expect while handling water damage in your home.

Quick Response & Inspection

When you contact a water damage cleanup company in Glen Burnie upon discovering water inside your home, they will send someone immediately to inspect your property, determine the source of the water, and stop it if necessary. The sooner they work on the water damage cleanup, the less damage will be done to your home and belongings. Lastly, nothing can begin until the initial inspection is complete.

Water Removal Services

The longer the water remains, the greater the likelihood that further damage, such as mold growth, might occur. North Arundel Contracting has the necessary equipment and methods to eliminate the water from feet of water due to a leak or flooding. We might bring in pumps to remove lingering water for significant water damage cases. Our special wet/dry vacuums can manage the removal of minor issues.

Thorough Drying, Cleaning, & Decontamination

Drying out the most damaged area is very essential to prevent mold growth and structural damage. Also, the drying process is closely overseen by technicians who control the entire drying process with moisture detection technology. This way, they can ensure all the water is eliminated, and all materials impacted by the water damage are dried.

If the water is contaminated, thorough cleaning must be done of all surfaces and materials to avoid microbial growth. Moreover, a proper water damage cleanup in Glen Burnie ensures a healthy indoor environment is restored on your property. Plus, sterilization is critical in ensuring no underlying problems arise following water damage cleanup.

Final Repairs

Depending on the size and severity of your water damage situation, we must remove, repair, or rebuild any building materials, such as trim and flooring, to return your home to its pre-loss condition. With a clear understanding of the basic steps within water damage cleanup, you will feel ready to handle water damage when it impacts your Glen Burnie home.


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