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What Can Cause Water Damage in Your House?

north arundel contracting water damage

What are the most common appliances that could be the source of your water damage issues?

The scariest thing about owning a home is all the things that could go wrong. Things can break or malfunction, and occasionally, when they do, they make an even bigger mess. There are many different ways that your home might suffer from water damage, especially from your major appliances. Let’s dive in and investigate some of the most common appliances that could be the source of your water damage issues.


Any appliance that fills with water could potentially cause water damage in your home, so the dishwasher is one of the prime contributors. Both improper use and general wear and tear in an older machine could eventually result in failing seals and leaks through the doors. Even something as innocent as loading too much soap into the device could cause it to overflow and leak. Failing hoses, gaskets, and loose connections can also cause leaks, usually from under the machine. If those are slow leaks, they can even go unseen and unnoticed for long periods, with the water damage building up and causing issues of mold and mildew under the appliance. 

Washing Machine

Just like with a dishwasher, the washing machine is another common appliance that fills with water and, therefore, has the potential to cause a lot of water damage. If the connecting hoses break, spring a leak, or come loose from the machine, significant water can get out (especially if it happens when you’re not there to stop the flood immediately). The washing machine can also leak from the drainage pipes, including any misaligned or broken drainage connectors. Finally, if there is a malfunction or damage to the internal drum, the machine could also leak from there (which can happen with age or misuse).


Finally, the third most common appliance to cause water damage is one that you might not think about right away – the refrigerator. Even though it doesn’t fill, like the washing machine or the dishwasher, it still is usually connected to a water line for supplying the ice maker and possibly for the water dispenser on the door. This feed line can eventually crack or loose, especially if you move the fridge. Since this line is typically under or behind the refrigerator, a small leak could go unnoticed for a while.


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