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Protect Your Home Against Winter Fire Damage with These Tips!

north arundel contracting protect your home against winter fire damage

Following these simple tips below will teach you how to protect your home against winter fire damage.

With snow on the ground and below-freezing temperatures all around Maryland, fire threats are commonly the last thing on anyone’s mind. But the winter weather does come with some sudden fire hazards. Fortunately, following these simple tips below will teach you how to protect your home against winter fire damage. In the case of a fire, you can always count on North Arundel Contracting for your fire restoration needs!

Avoid Your Christmas Tree from Catching Fire

One of the most prevalent mistakes homeowners make during the winter months that provoke a house fire is enabling their Christmas tree to catch fire. You can protect your home against winter fire damage by simply watering the tree! A well-watered tree is less likely to go up in flames from a random spark. On the other hand, a dry tree may be used as kindling for starting a fire. Another mistake is often leaving Christmas tree lights turned on for too long. The best solution would be never to have them on when you’re away and turn them off before you head to bed each night.

Utilize Space Heaters with Caution

A few things are as relaxing on a freezing winter night as sitting next to a heater with some hot chocolate. Remember to be smart in where you place your heaters or what you put next to them. Being negligent in this scenario is one of the easiest and quickest ways to begin a fire in your home. A couple of words of advice with space heaters are to provide them a three-foot radius from anything else in the house, unplug the heaters when not in use, and purchase quality heaters that have a built-in safety precaution that will instantly shut them off if it fails.

Regularly Inspect Your Furnaces and Chimneys

Another way to protect your home against winter fire damage is to inspect your furnaces and chimneys regularly. A failing chimney or furnace is a quick way to start a fire in your home. The last thing someone wants to worry about is a fire. If anything does happen, North Arundel Contracting contractors based out of Glen Burnie, Maryland, is here to assist with your fire damage restoration needs.


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