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Tips on Choosing a Front Door in Brooklyn Park

Tips on Choosing a Front Door in Brooklyn Park

Choosing the right front door is a big step for your home. Here are some helpful tips!

Your front door is a massive contributor to the curb appeal of your home. Even if it is not fully visible from the street, people will see the front door well before the interior of the house, and it will contribute to their first impressions. Your front door also plays a huge role in home security. It not only has to look nice, but it also has to be strong and sturdy. With all of this pressure riding on your door, how do you choose the right one for your Brooklyn Park home? Easy, just follow these tips when it comes to choosing a front door.

Start With Material

Most doors on the market today combine a variety of materials. Still, you need to decide early what your primary front door material is going to be: wood, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass-composite. Wooden doors are the tried-and-true traditional choice for front doors. Wood is a beautiful material, and doors made from it come in a range of prices. Solid wood is the most expensive wood option, while wood veneer over an engineered core is more common. Steel doors provide the best security and durability. Steel doors do require occasional repainting. Aluminum doors are manufactured in the same way as steel doors – an insulated core with a metal skin. Aluminum doors never require repainting and often have a 20-year warranty, but they are only sold through dealers and are custom built to your doorway. Finally, fiberglass doors are also a secure choice and are virtually maintenance-free. Like aluminum doors, they often have an extended warranty and mimic the look of real wood well. 

Check The Manufacturing

Make sure that all of the components of the door you’re buying come from the same manufacturer. Unfortunately, some distributors might pair a door with a different frame, and since they weren’t built to go together, they don’t align as they should. If all of the components are from the same manufacturer, your door will be much stronger and more secure.

Remember Quality Costs

There are bound to be extras offered, and many of them may be worth the cost. Windows with low-e glazing or glazing options that increase security and resist break-ins are some examples. Any steel or fiberglass doors you consider should also have a thermal break. A thermal break is a separation between the skins to prevent the transfer of cold air. High quality doors will always have this, but it is quality you’ll have to pay for.


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