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How Can Smoke Damage Hurt Your Home?

How Can Smoke Damage Hurt Your Home?

If you have had a house fire, get remediation for the smoke damage asap.

A house fire can be a devastating trial, costing millions of dollars and thousands of lives each year. It is a wonderful thing when you are able to repair and restore the house instead of completely rebuilding. Even if you have had a house fire that did minimal damage to your home, though, be aware that smoke damage still exists. A fire will cause smoke, and this smoke does significant damage that needs professional remediation.

Compromised House Structure

Fire and smoke penetrate drywall, structural beams, and siding. If the temperature is hot enough, metal structural elements of the home can also wither or melt. As smoke particles seep into the structure, the material will lose its strength. Always call a house inspector before entering a home after a fire. You never know if ceilings, walls, or floors could collapse. Likewise, smoke particles are so small that they are easy to breathe in, much more so than even dust particles.

Risks to Health

Should you breathe in the remnants of smoke damage, you face potential health risks. Reactions include upper respiratory problems, persistent cough, runny nose, and watery eyes. Complications of the heart and a compromised immune system may also be results from the inhalation of smoke. When these particles lodge themselves inside of a person, that person will deal with toxic consequences. To protect your loved ones, call a smoke damage restoration company to professionally evaluate the type of smoke damage you have and the best way to handle the remains. 

Stained Belongings

Besides the health risks, staining is another reason why you need to call a restoration company. Smoke discolors anything from bathroom tile to bookcases to clothes to walls. The longer the smoke sits on a surface, the more time it has to penetrate it and stay there forever. Call a restoration company as soon as you can to avoid a more expensive or impossible restoration process.

Smelly Belongings

Lastly, smoke smells. The scent of smoke on you after going to a bonfire is a basic example of the lasting impression it makes. Who wants to live in a smoke-ridden house for years? Do away with the unpleasant smell through hiring the best restoration services. When professionally dealing with smoke damage, you may be surprised how many things you can save.


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