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Tips for Fixing a Rattling Window

Tips for Fixing a Rattling Window

What should you do to fix a rattling window?

Rattling windows are annoying throughout the year, but they become especially obvious during the cold winter months when wind leaks in and whistling sounds keep you up at night! If you have rattling windows that are bothering you, here are some of our best suggestions for fixing it.

If the Glass is Loose

Some rattling windows are a result of loose glass. The caulk is responsible for holding the glass to the window frame, so if it is damaged or gone, the glass will rattle. Take a putty knife to place caulk in the cracks and use a vinegar-soaked rag to remove any excess caulk that is stuck to the window glass. Allow the window to set and the rattling should be all gone!

If There is a Loose Sash

Do you have wooden window frames? Over time, they will start to warp and decay. As a result, the window sash might not fit in the track properly and lead to rattling. The best way to stop a window sash from rattling around is with weatherstripping. Weatherstripping is available in many different types to suit a variety of needs. Some examples of the most common materials include vinyl, plastic, foam, rubber, metal, or felt. To install new weatherstripping on your ratting window, you should nail it into place.

If You Don’t Use Your Window

If your rattling window is outside of your home, on a garage, or in an area of your home that is never used or occupied, you might want to permanently seal your window. You should first check your local fire code to make sure that this will not be a potential violation of local regulations. If it is not, you can firmly shut the rattling window and have someone else press it down. Next, you should place caulk around the frame. Use a single-pane storm window in the window and then add another layer of caulk to create a stronger seal. The end product will be a tightly and permanently sealed window!

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