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Tips for Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Service in Baltimore County

Tips for Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Service in Baltimore County

Keeping your commercial space clean matters. Here’s a few tips on choosing the best service.

When looking for a commercial cleaning service for your office or building in Baltimore County, it can be difficult to know where to start. You want a cleaning service that is professional, reputable, and can do more than just empty the trash cans. Below is a compilation of the best tips for choosing a commercial cleaning service in Baltimore County. 

Experience and Reputation

You know you want a company that has experience in the field and a reputation to back up their quality of work. Reviews are perhaps the best way to find the cleaning service of your choice. Once you have gathered several prospective service companies, ask for referrals from businesses who have used their services or are currently partaking in them. If the cleaning service has awards, the better an option it becomes.

Training and Background

When looking into a commercial cleaning service, ask the company how their hiring process works. Do the employees have a full background check, does the company train them professionally, and do they wear uniforms? Knowing how professional their services are and how they work is crucial to deciding the service’s quality.


Check to see that the company has insurance and the license to do their commercial cleaning. All such companies need liability insurance to do their work. They also need the proper business license, a must for a reputable cleaning service.


A professional cleaning service will be able to work around your schedule. If you need the cleaning crew to come in after hours, know that the service you choose can accommodate. Even if you have an event at the office later that evening, your service company will be able to adjust their timing and come back to clean up afterwards if necessary. 


While it may almost be a given, remember to ask what services they offer. Be sure to choose a company that specializes in your type of building. Each kind of facility needs different sanitary requirements. For example, a medical or dental facility will need stricter standards of cleanliness than, say, an office suite. North Arundel Contracting offers not only commercial cleaning services for medical dental, examination, and surgical rooms, but a range of commercial and residential spaces as well. They are able to professionally clean condominium units, office buildings of any size, clean rooms, as well as Electrostatic Discharge safe rooms. 


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