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How to Identify Condo and Apartment Leaks

Condo and apartment leaks

Condo and apartment leaks can be hard to find!

Condo and apartment leaks are much harder to detect and identify than leaks in a regular home. A leaky faucet might be the usual suspect, but leaks can also happen in toilets, hot water heaters, walls, and floors. These leaks are almost unnoticeable but can turn out to be extremely damaging and costly. In this blog we will discuss how to identify condo and apartment leaks and maintain and repair them.

Indicators of Condo and Apartment Leaks

Suddenly and Significantly Larger Water Bills: The bigger the leak, the more it costs you! Leaks can typically add anywhere from $50-100 to your existing bill. Hot water costs more than cold water, so be sure to keep an eye out on that. Track your water bills from month to month, notice discrepancies, and get any leaks fixed as soon as possible.

Seeing Water Spots: Depending on the source of the leak, you may start to see water spots gathering on nearby surfaces. Leaking pipes behind walls or above ceilings will cause water spots. Bubbles will start forming on wallpaper and paint. Puddles around pipes are a clear indicator of a leak as well.

The Water Meter: Are your meters equipped to detect leaks? Even if they aren’t, they can still talk to you. Look at the dials with the faucets turned off and you should see if a leak is happening.

Where to Look For Leaks

Around Toilets: Look around toilets and check for running water around the pipes, the tank, or in the bowl.

Beneath Sinks: Also check under sinks in the kitchen and bathroom. Pay attention for any water and also see if water puddles are forming.

At Faucets: Two frequent places leaks spring up are where the faucet meets the sink and where the water comes out. It’s often easiest to find leaks around faucets, where it is most obvious.

Near Appliances:  Where else might springs appear? Inspect dishwashers and washing machines and any other water-using appliances. Examine the base and around the back for any water.

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