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The 5 Signs It’s Time to Remodel Your Office Space

The 5 Signs It’s Time to Remodel Your Office Space

Is your office space hinting it’s time for a remodel? Here’s how you know.

The building you choose to run your business is your mode of operation. You live and move and breathe within its walls and under its lights, and its very design and character influence how your business functions. While there are quite a few articles on the topic of when it’s time to remodel your office space, it is clear that there are five signs that point the way.

1. It’s Old

Here is likely the most obvious sign. There may be a dankness to the air, the air conditioner sounds like a lawnmower, the wall paint is fading, and the staircase is cracked and creaking, not to mention the interior design. If your office is like a time machine, dated in a way that is not fashionable or attractive at all, you should probably consider a renovation or a makeover. Along with this, your office’s furniture might hint if the space is wearing down and outdated too.

2. It’s Not “On-Brand”

An important aspect that your office space should have is what character it presents to you and to outsiders. If its walls are stark while you are trying to run a colorful and creative marketing agency, for example, you should plan how to express your mission and brand through the visual sign that is your office space. It will boost both employee morale and customer engagement.

3. Its Layout Is Inefficient

Before you call the business renovation company to redo your drywall and lighting, it is important to figure out what layout is best for your business. Furthermore, if your commercial space’s layout is making it difficult for employees to communicate with one another, steps can be taken to remediate this problem.

4. It’s Embarrassing

Are you embarrassed to host meetings at your office space? Your gut feeling is also a strong indicator as to your business location’s well-being. Your office should be an inviting, sanitary place for all.

5. It Repels Potential Employees

Likewise, take a good look around at your walls. Is there something potential employees find repulsive about your business space? If you’re having trouble recruiting new people, take a look at your surroundings to see if that might be a possible reason. After a reasonable critique, your office space (and your business) can only look up! 


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